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KissFish makes the unique experience of having tiny fish nibbling on your feet accessible to all. With no appointment necessary, our hosts are available to extend a warm welcome to you every day of the week. Alone, with your partner, with friends or other company, take your seat in our stylish lounge, where you will find the wellness aquariums, all comfortably appointed with cushioned couches. From as little as € 12.50 you can experience the incredible sensation of literally hundreds of tiny Garra Rufa fish sucking and nibbling on your feet. In addition to enjoying the utterly unique sensation, your skin will also appreciate the KissFish experience. Dead skin cells are removed, leaving your feet feeling beautifully soft and smooth. No other
skin treatment can compare.

KissFish in Volendam

Every year, around one million international visitors take a promenade along the famous Volendam Dike whilst enjoy the sights of the small, picturesque streets it protects. A stroll through the village centre reveals many of the original small, antiquated houses...

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